Continuous monitoring by applying IoT systems to improve the indoor air quality

At SODECA IAQ we offer a personalised assessment service to analyse all aspects of indoor air quality. This enables us to determine which pollutants are present in the air and allows us to propose the best solution for the cleaning and disinfection of those pollutants, using the most appropriate technology.

As indoor air quality experts, SODECA IAQ has professionals at your disposal who have been specifically trained with equipment that utilises the most advanced technology in air treatment and air quality improvement.


Monitoring indoor air quality in buildings and structures

SODECA IAQ uses a device with WiFi connectivity and IoT technol-ogy to monitor the indoor air quality at any type of installation in real time for a specific time period; the data is stored on the cloud and can be monitored from any device.

Readings are taken by temperature and humidity sensors and lev-els of CO2, formaldehyde, VOCs and suspended particulate matter (PM10, PM2.5 and PM1) are recorded. Based on real data about the pollutants that are present in the building, a thorough assessment can then be carried out so that the best solution for improving the indoor air quality can be offered.

On request, samples can also be taken to determine microbiologi-cal air quality, using aerobic and fungal sampling, to determine what microorganisms are present in the air. The results are then certified by an independent accredited laboratory.


Technical assessment aimed at improving indoor air quality

When all of the data has been gathered and analysed, a technical report will be submitted recommending the best solutions and most appropriate technology for improving indoor air quality at the facilities. The technical specifications of the recommended equipment will be provided along with a quotation for implementation of the proposed solution.


Interior space evaluation.


Shipping of monitoring equipment.


Data collection in real time.


Air quality technical report.


Technical proposal with the best solution according to pollutants.


Validation of the proposed solution.

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