Paradigm changes

Every time we judge a restaurant, we do so based on elements that go beyond the ingredients used to make the dish. Improving environmental conditions indoors answers society’s growing concern for the indoor air quality. By implementing healthy solutions that eliminate solid particles, viruses or bacteria, or simply foul odours, we are filling the environment with healthy experiences in terms of well-being.


Solutions for an optimum experience

The layouts of restaurants are increasingly more open and with greater access to the kitchen; therefore, applying the best solution is essential in order to guarantee an optimum experience for their customers. In the end, we must make sure that customers are not reminded of where they have eaten by the smell of their clothes rather than by the memory of their experience. The sense of taste is 70% smell. Therefore, a kitchen without smoke or odours is a feature that is becoming increasingly popular in the restaurant business. The air we breathe is a conductor of health, comfort and life experiences but it can become our worst enemy if we do not apply the best solution.