Filtration efficiency

Air is cleaned using filtration units, which, depending on the application, comprise of a fan, different filtration stages and an appropriate disinfection technology.

These units are used for cleaning external air or for cleaning pollutants that are produced during processes being carried out on the premises.

Filter units with HEPA or F9 filter

Air purifiers with HEPA or F9 filter from SODECA are ideal for dealing with solid particulate pollution problems and for the elimination of molecular air pollutants when using HEPA filters. These units cleanse the air of solid particles and small sized molecular constituents.

Filter units with UVc ultraviolet light

Filter units with UVc ultraviolet radiation technology in the 254 nm spectrum incorporate a germicidal chamber along with filtration stages.

Germicidal chambers with ultraviolet light are effective alongside other technologies to ensure that any pathogen that has not been caught using a different method, is inactivated by this technology and nullified by this final filtration stage.

Filter units with PCO photocatalytic technology

Ventilation units equipped with PCO (Photocatalytic Oxidation) technology incorporate a germicidal tool that combines UVc ultraviolet technology and oxidation to accelerate the natural decomposition of organic matter via photocatalysis, reducing pollutants such as chemical compounds, viruses, bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms. These units are also suitable for eliminating grease and odours.

This PCO technology uses the ultraviolet light source to react with a catalyst consisting of titanium dioxide in the presence of humidity to create hydroxyl radicals (OH) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), which inactivate microorganisms and harmful chemical substances that are constantly circulating through the air.

Filter units with electrostatic filter (EF)

Filter units equipped with electrostatic filters are especially suitable for removing pollutants such as particles, grease, gases, odours and also bacteria. The high performance of these filters, along with their excellent ability to capture particles, ensures that this equipment operates with a very reduced load loss and consequently gives significant energy savings.

Electrostatic filters technology operates by ionizing particulate matter that, as it passes through the filter, becomes attached to oppositely charged collector cells and is thereby removed from the outlet air flow.

Filtration units with activated carbon filters

Units equipped with activated carbon cartridge filters are the ideal solution for odor removal and contaminant purification through air circulation through the filter cartridge.

Units with this technology treat large air flows while minimizing pressure drop, resulting in healthier air, free of oils and grease from environments such as kitchens, restaurants and high occupancy premises.

Air cleaning


Low-noise, in-line duct extract fans with different filtration stages.


Air purification units with UVc germicidal chamber, in-line for ducts and with different filtration stages.


Air purification units for circular ducts, with a 25 mm thick noise-reducing insulated casing and EC Technology motor.


Air purification units designed for cleaning, eliminating odours and purifying air in high occupancy areas using UVc ultraviolet light technology.


Filtration, disinfecting and air purification units with technology based on photocatalysis, especially designed for disinfecting and cleaning air in indoor spaces and material surfaces.


Filtration, disinfection and air purification units with electrostatic filters, specifically designed for cleaning and purifying indoor air, in areas with high levels of grease particles or other suspended particles.


Ventilation units with prefinished sheet, built-in filter and aluminium profile.


Belt-driven ventilation units with prefinished sheet, built-in filter and aluminium profile.


Filter units without a fan but offering various filter options, designed to clean air by trapping airborne particulate matter present inside buildings.


Filter units without a fan but with activated carbon filter cartridges, designed for eliminating odours and purifying airborne pollutants.


Filtration units without fan with bag filters.


Filtration units with sandwiched acoustic insulation, fitted with high performance impellers with backward-curved blades and with different filtration stages, depending on model.