How can we prevent breathing poor quality air?

We can treat air in our internal spaces by passing it through a closed circuit. This way it can be cleaned, or in other words, purified. Several elements are required to accomplish this, for example, filters, germicide chambers, etc. This way, air can be properly treated, turning it into high quality air. In healthcare settings this is a fundamental need rather than an option.

In these demanding times, conventional ventilation and filtration systems cannot provide the high-quality air that is required and so alternative systems have been developed to meet this demand. These systems extend beyond the health and pharmaceutical sectors also.


Effective methods

In purification methods with germicidal chambers, UVc lamps are used to emit ultraviolet light of a wavelength between 200-280 nm, to greatly reduce the presence of bacteria, viruses and fungi. By using this method, we are able to achieve a high-quality air by properly treating it using the appropriate equipment.