Improving sustainability and increasing cost savings

Is possible thanks to ventilation systems equipped with high efficiency EC Technology motors (which have a longer service life compared to AC motors). These systems are specially designed to emit the lowest possible noise levels while at the same time helping to achieve a sustainable building by giving the maximum possible energy savings.


According to statistics, almost all of the costs associated with a fan’s life cycle are related to power consumption and maintenance. We must bear in mind that most of the energy costs generated by a building are attributed to its ventilation systems. These motors make it easier to comply with energy regulations as well as providing significant cost savings.



Low-noise, in-line duct fans mounted inside a 40 mm thick, noise-reducing casing.


Ventilation units for circular ducts with a 25 mm thick noise-reducing casing, interchangeable panels and EC Technology motor.


In-line duct fans for rectangular ducts with a 40 mm thick noise-reducing casing and EC Technology motor.